Tony Tinderholt for Texas HouseIssues

  • Border Security & Public Safety
  • Property Taxes
  • Military & Veterans
  • Education
  • Pro-Life
  • 2A
Radical left-wing policies have left our border unsecure & our cities unsafe.

Illegal immigrants are pouring across our southern border in record fashion. The Biden Administration is completely inept and ill-prepared to handle the crisis. While the feds sit on the sidelines, Texas has taken some action to slow the invasion. There’s still more to be done!

  • Secured $1.1 billion for border security for Operation Lone Star (apprehension & prosecution of criminals in South Texas)
  • Appropriated an additional $1.8 billion for assisting the Texas Military Department, local law enforcement, prosecutors, jails, & a substantial down payment on the Texas Border Wall
  • Co-authored & passed a ban on sanctuary cities

The liberal policies that put the public’s safety at risk do not end there! The lawless left has defunded the police and allowed violent criminals out on bail in many of our cities. That is a recipe for high crime and dangerous streets. Our agenda of pro-law enforcement and punishing crime is the right path to the safety of our public.

  • Co-authored & passedlegislation punishing cities & counties who defund the police
  • Passed a ban on homeless camping in public areas
  • Supported by local and statewide law enforcement groups. CLEAT-endorsed
It is time to abolish the property tax system in Texas.

There are legitimate proposals to eliminate all property taxes through a phased approach while NEVER implementing an income tax in Texas!

    • Co-authored bills to abolish property taxes completely
    • Lowered property taxes by increasing homestead exemption, buying down local taxes, & reducing recapture payments
    • Co-authored & passed bills that bring transparency to your tax bill
    • Supports appraisal reform to ensure increasing values do not wipe out tax cuts
As a combat veteran who served in the United States Air Force and Army for 21 years, Tony understands the issues impacting our veterans.

As the former Vice Chairman of the Committee on Defense & Veterans’ Affairs, he has promoted greater funding and reforms that leave no veteran forgotten.

    • Chairman of House Veterans Caucus
    • Secured millions in funding for VA support & veteran treatment courts
    • Strong supporter of Operation Lone Star (Texas National Guard, Air National Guard, & State Guard assisting DPS at the southern border)
Students come first and parents must be in charge of decisions impacting their children,
not the government!
  • Passed a ban on critical race theory in Texas schools
  • Filed legislation (twice) to eliminate all standardized testing not required under federal law
  • Firm proponent of school choice (funding following the child, tax credits, charter schools, etc.)
  • Supported increase in teacher pay statewide, fully funding public schools, & reducing recapture payments
  • Consistent defender of retired teachers & their pensions (co-authored “13th checks” & cost-of-living adjustment)

Tony holds a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and is a former college Spanish professor. A product of public education himself, he understands the opportunities a good education presents.
The most fundamental of all rights, the sanctity of life, must be protected at all costs.

Tony stands for life every chance he gets. It’s time for the practice of abortion to end entirely in our state.

    • Co-authored Texas’ Heartbeat bill
    • 100% career Pro-Life rating & endorsed by Texas Right to Life
    • Consistent supporter of ending the barbaric “10-Day Rule” that allows bureaucrats to remove a person from life-sustaining care without their family’s consent
As a member of the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee, Tony has been a relentless defender of the 2nd Amendment.

He has voted for every major gun rights bill in committee and ensured their passage through the full House.

    • Co-authored & passed constitutional carry, hotel carry, campus carry, & open carry
    • A+ rating & endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA)
    • Endorsed by Gun Owners of America (GOA)

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