Combat Veteran & Conservative Republican defending freedom in the Texas House

Get to know Tony

Tony has a lifetime of service. He joined the U.S. Air Force at 17 years old and served for 11 years. Following 9/11, he re-entered active duty as an officer and served an additional ten years in the U.S. Army. Now, his mission is fighting for conservatives in the Texas House.


  • Border Security & Public Safety
  • Property Taxes
  • Military & Veterans
  • Education
  • Pro-Life
  • 2A

Radical left-wing policies have left our border unsecure & our cities unsafe.

It is time to abolish the property tax system in Texas.

As a combat veteran who served in the United States Air Force & Army for 21 years, Tony understands the issues impacting our veterans.

Students come first & parents must be in charge of decisions impacting their children, not the government!

The most fundamental of all rights, the sanctity of life, must be protected at all costs.

As a member of the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee, Tony has been a relentless defender of the 2nd Amendment.

“Tony is a strong proponent of law & order. He supports local police, and we need him to continue the fight against radical left-wing policies in Austin.”

Bill Waybourn, Tarrant County Sheriff

“Our kids adore Tony, and he is a great father and husband. The desire for our children to grow up in a free and safe Texas drives his conservative values.”

Bethany Tinderholt
“…I am undeterred in my fight to ensure we have strong conservative leadership this session and look forward to the floor vote on the first day of session.”
“Some members are afraid to vote for GOP priorities, including the rule to ban Democrat chairs, due to the current Speaker control. The status quo does not reflect the will of Republican voters…”
“Until Dade Phelan is willing to end his alliance with some of the most liberal Democrats in the House, we cannot have a meaningful caucus vote that does what it was intended to do: decrease Democrat influence.” #txlege
“Texans deserve serious and substantial relief and the lawmakers who are fighting for their constituents should be celebrated, not condemned.” #txlege
It was an honor to speak to Robson Ranch Conservatives, tonight! Thanks for having me!
“…until our sitting speaker will renounce the liberal Democrats who elevated him to power… we don’t actually have a Republican speaker dedicated to respecting our caucus rules...”

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