Budget and the Economy

Thanks to a low-tax environment and hardworking citizens, Texas is number one in the nation for job creation. Our economic climate means over a thousand people come to this state each and every day looking for the jobs and opportunity our state provides. Despite our prosperity, our Legislature has decided to spend much like Sacramento or Detroit, using accounting gimmicks, ignoring priorities, and exploding the budget by over 26% in the 83rd Representative, I will demand truth in budgeting, transparency, and fight for the balanced budget our Texas Constitution demands.


I have devoted my life to serving my state and my country. After leaving the United States Army, I became a Spanish professor at Columbia College in Fort Worth. In the Legislature, I want to seize the opportunity Texas has to lead the way in preparing young people for their future, be it higher education or a rewarding career. To do that, we must continue to fight the “one size fits all” approach of the past, and enable students and parents to find a school that can challenge them to succeed.

Securing Our Border

Both Washington D.C. and Austin have failed the people of Texas when it comes to making our border safe. I spent years in the United States Air Force engaged in counter-drug missions aimed at stopping the tide of illicit drugs from south of the border, and the myriad of criminal operations that accompany. This issue is not just a question of illegal immigration, but one of national security, and protecting the dignity of human life. Every day innocent men, women, and children are caught up in people smuggling, as well as sex and drug trafficking operations across our border with Mexico. The Federal Government purposely turns a blind eye to this unacceptable situation. As your State Representative, it will be my Constitutional duty to protect all Texans, by arming our state agencies and border patrol with the technology and manpower required to protect innocent lives.

Sanctity of Life

As a God-fearing conservative, there is no duty more important than protecting innocent life. I was proud to support the pro-life measures our Legislature took this Session. District 94 needs a pro-life Representative ready to lead on this issue, unapologetic and ready to fight the forces we saw make a mockery of democracy last summer. I want to take the respect for human life that you and I share to Austin, and ensure that taxpayer funded and late-term abortions remain in the past in Texas. Rest assured, liberal Democrats will remain hell-bent on fighting the right to life, be it in our Legislature, or the courts.

Second Amendment Rights

As a combat veteran, sportsman, CHL holder, and father in a family dedicated to our 2nd Amendment rights, I could not be more disturbed by the relentless assault by Eric Holder and President Obama on our God-given right to keep and bear arms. Our State Representative should fight alongside fellow conservatives in resisting Federal meddling with our Constitution. Additionally, as an elected official, I will never vote to grant politician’s special privileges and protections that we are unwilling to afford to each and every Texas citizen.

Obamacare and Federal Mandates

The Democrat’s attempts to lead Americans into a Government healthcare system have been an unprecedented disaster. It’s not just a useless website, Obamacare has led to the cancellation of hundreds of thousands of private healthcare plans, with more on the way. The President notoriously promised us that “if you like your plan, you can keep it”. The Texas Legislature must do everything in its power to deny Washington bureaucrats the chance to damage our state any further. In the Texas House, I will vote to reject any Federal health care mandates and the deception of Medicaid expansion. Washington must not be allowed to destroy our invaluable doctor-patient relationship.