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Join Sen Ted Cruz & Dan Patrick. Block Walk to Keep Texas Red!

Aug 29, 2014

Click here and register to see Sen Ted Cruz, Senator and future Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.  One of the most exciting things about running for office is the opportunity to spend time with conservatives who are fighting for the values we all share. Because we can’t afford to lose and because there is still work to be done, join me, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator and … read more

Education is Worth Fighting For!

Feb 25, 2014

Education is part of who Bethany and I are. I’ve spent years working in the education sector, as a college professor, and working to get more students not headed to 4-year universities into job training. I’m convinced that it is our duty as a community to step up and ensure that quality education is being delivered to the children in our back yard. A few days … read more

Diane Patrick Disrespects Tony’s Combat Service!

Feb 10, 2014

Patrick questions if Tinderholt is a Republican, fails to realize Tinderholt missed an election because he was living in the middle of the Iraqi desert under constant rocket and mortar attacks. Yesterday, Diane Patrick echoed her campaign consultant, attempting to insinuate that Tinderholt isn’t a Republican because he missed the GOP primary in 2010. What Diane Patrick failed to mention is that Tony Tinderholt was … read more

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