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Piel Launches 2016 With Disgusting Attacks

Jan 4, 2016

Friends,Looks like my opponent couldn’t even wait for the holiday break to end before launching misleading attacks about my record.Andrew Piel, my establishment opponent, knows that he can’t run to my right. I was ranked amongst the 5 most conservative State Representatives in all of Texas, and that was a study that included over 1,000 votes taken by all of my colleagues and I. Mr. … read more

I Stand With Governor Abbott and Say No to Syrian Refugees

Nov 16, 2015

As your State Representative, I stand tall with Governor Abbott in refusing the forced resettlement of Syrian refugees in Texas! Read about his action below in the link. We must do what is necessary to protect Texas and its future. Governor Abbott Sends Letter to President Obama Refusing to allow Syrian Refugees to enter Texas.

Tinderholt Responds to Defunding of Planned Parenthood

Oct 20, 2015

Tuesday, Tony Tinderholt, alongside millions of Texans, rejoiced over the recent announcement of the Inspector General of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission who with support of Governor Abbot, stopped state funding of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was notified that it has been cut out the state Medicaid program entirely. With videos continuing to surface, the barbaric actions of Planned Parenthood are being brought … read more

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