As State Representative, I have fought to increase funding to public schools and raise teacher pay to attract and retain world-class teachers. I oppose standardized testing and have worked with a bipartisan group of legislators to reduce and eliminate them in our Texas public schools, filing legislation to remove five of the STAAR and end-of-course tests.

Additionally, I am a former Spanish professor and hold a masters degree in Educational Leadership. With more than 50,000 students at the University of Texas at Arlington and many other constituents being current or retired educators, our district has a unique interest in public education. Make no doubt, inspiring our younger generation through public schools is a top priority. While educating our children, we must not adopt a one-size approach, recognizing the needs of each individual child.


We must stand with our communities of all ethnicities and backgrounds and never defund the police. As a member of the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee, I know defunding the police would be catastrophic to our community’s ability to manage and stop crime.


As a COVID-19 survivor, I know the seriousness this disease can have on an individual and the community as a whole. We need to empower individuals to make decisions on their own health and not destroy our economy with broad, sweeping, authoritarian-like mandates from the executive branch of government. Protecting the health of the public can be done without harming small businesses and destroying jobs.


I have co-authored legislation to provide $5 billion in property tax relief while making the system more transparent. That said, Texans know they are still taxed far too much. We must reign in the spending of both local governments and the state and return money to taxpayers to prevent them from being taxed out of their homes.


Immigration and border security are federal responsibilities. That said, when the federal government fails to act, we must step in as a state. I spent years in the U.S. Air Force engaged in counter-drug missions aimed at stopping the tide of illicit drugs from south of the border. Border security is national security, and the safety of Texans is of the utmost importance. I have consistently supported the funding of border security operations to keep Texans safe. 


As a combat veteran and CHL holder, I stand ready to defend against any attempts to step on your 2nd Amendment rights. We must protect the rights of Texans to defend themselves. 


I have dedicated much of my time in office to protecting the most vulnerable children in our society. I am pro-life and have fought to protect unborn children and their right to live. In the goal of ridding Texas of the disgusting practice of human trafficking, I have supported meaningful reforms to stop it and other atrocities perpetuated against children in our society.