Representative Tinderholt Passes Amendments on House Budget

Yesterday, I was honored to work with many of my colleagues on the budget for over 17 hours. I’m very grateful for Chairman Otto and Chairman Turner working with me to add two amendments to the budget. I truly believe my amendments will be good for all Texans, especially Texas teachers.

We were able to add a Blue Ribbon Panel in which the Legislative Budget Board must determine a long term solution for TRS Care no later than December 2015. This is a huge win for our teachers.

Our second amendment states that DPS cannot continue illegally using appropriations to require that citizens submit all 10 of their fingerprints when applying for or renewing a Texas driver’s license, especially when the law only requires that they submit only their thumbprints. This passed with overwhelming support.

At the end of the day, I could not vote for HB 1 because it did not properly fund infrastructure and priority items such as transportation, DPS aircraft for border security and failing to create a permanent fix to TRS Care. We should have prioritized education spending better because our educators deserve a quality, long term solution to their healthcare needs.

HB 1 did not cut enough needless spending of taxpayers dollars from programs which are not the proper role of government. It increased the General Revenue by 10% exceeding population plus inflation. I will continue to fight for your rights and fiscal responsibility in Austin.

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