Alleged Republican Chairman Blocks Pro-life Legislation

Fellow Texans,

Games are being played in the Texas House with pro-life legislation, and quite frankly, I’m tired of it. The unborn deserve better.

A couple of weeks ago Chairman Byron Cook handed me a letter in which he stated that my pro-life bill, HB 948, is unconstitutional and asked me to remove my request for a hearing. The letter claimed the Office of the Attorney General had stated the bill was unconstitutional.

The accusations have yet to be confirmed by the AG’s Office, and last I checked, Byron Cook does not speak for Ken Paxton or his office.

I replied to Chairman Cook’s letter and made it clear that he has sole discretion to call hearings on legislation before his committee. The attempt to hide behind the AG’s Office cannot not be tolerated.

Now I’m being told by many of my Republican colleagues that Chairman Cook is blaming Texas Right to Life, a strong pro-life group, for my bill. Other representatives tell me he is going to try to kill their legislation as a result. Texas Right to Life is not the the group applying pressure for Chairman Cook to hear the abolition legislation, but he continues to look for any excuse to kill pro-life legislation.

Please share this news with your friends, and help me hold Chairman Cook accountable.

For Texas and the unborn,


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