May 16th Update

Fellow Texans,

Significant stances were taken for Liberty last week! Legislators in leadership tried to take advantage of you and all taxpayers by rushing legislation through the process without those bills being properly vetted. The Local and Consent calendar was set only 16 hours in advance. This was in direct violation to the rules set for the House and would have put each State Representative in a position to make uninformed votes. As you will hear below, I shared my concerns with my colleagues:

Unfortunately the calendar was set in spite of these concerns. 13 members of the Legislature, myself included, signed a document to send the entire Local and Consent calendar back to committee. Many will tell you this was a petty and unnecessary move; the opposite is true. We felt this step had to be taken for the reasons stated above and because priority conservative legislation has been systematically blocked from even having a chance to be passed this session. While legislation which would expand government spending and control is constantly being heard on the floor. It was time for Truth and Liberty to be upheld and I am proud to have been a part of telling those in power that enough is enough.

We have come to the end of hearing House Bills and for the next two weeks will be discussing Senate bills. As we come near to the end of session many bills will continue to come across my desk, and I will keep voting on them based on protecting your individual liberty. We will continue to keep you updated about the progress of our legislation and about what is happening here in Austin. Make sure to come visit us at the Capitol office (E1.422) and feel free to call us  (512-463-0624)!

For Texas,

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